Are You Losing Your Bitcoins?

Are You Losing Your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a payment system on the Internet and also it is an electronic way of exchanging foreign currency, which recently emerged as an open-source software. It is a cryptography of money transactions which includes creating, transferring and supporting all its control on the Internet. In this process the participant checks and saves payments in exchange of transaction carried through the software’s o bitcoin blackjack n computers and mobiles. This process is also carried on the exchange of services, products and other currencies.

With the consistency of Bitcoins, a new issue arose about its security. Users of Mac who needs Bitcoins for their transactions have no idea that they are at threat of losing their money if they are not careful while installing the app which has a harmful programming code. “OSX/CT” application is a Trojan virus similar to a Bitcoin application “StealthBit”. This seatbelt is operated by Mac users for their transactions. One can get confused while downloading the Trojan which looks exactly like Bitcoin

This StealthBit application was first published on “GitHub”. A developer who has created this Trojan have used the source code from the StealthBit application which was uploaded to the Github. Once you install this model of StealthBit virus, it automatically installs the extensions of the browser into your browser. These destructive add-ons on browser have then taken login information from you about Bitcoins including, MtGox and BTC-e. When your login information received by extensions, it sends your login information to the hacker and you start losing your bucks without getting noticed.

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